Zong SMS Packages


Zong is a Chinese-based company that started a telecom operation in Pakistan many years ago. Both prepaid and postpaid users can enjoy data and voice with Zong SMS Packages at affordable prices. Zong was the first company who got a license from the international GSM network. the name of this GSM network is Millions International Cellular SA.

Zong SMS Packages

Zong SMS Packages contain daily, weekly, and monthly package plans for prepaid and postpaid customers. The daily SMS package plan of Zong is available at affordable prices. Zong Daily SMS plus Whatsapp package offers 500 SMS for all networks. the expiry period of this plan is one day. it requires 3.99 rupees charges for the subscription. The activation code of the daily package is *700#. if customers or users are unsatisfied or want to quit a plan type unsub in a message and send it to 700.

Zong Full Gup Package is available at a low price. The subscription to this Zong SMS Package provides on-net calling minutes, 1000 SMS, and 30 MB of internet data. The package will expire after one day. the price of the package is 5 rupees. Zong users can check the Zong Call packages and Zong Internet Packages for more help. Following is the list of Zong SMS Packages.

Zong Daily SMS Packages

Zong Daily SMS Package list contains a number of packages for its customers. Daily SMS package plans are designed for social lovers that’s why SMS bundles mostly contain social data. Zong Daily SMS Package is affordable for all communities of the people. One Combo package is a joint of WhatsApp and Facebook. A user can use the SMS Bundles as well as Social MBS for WhatsApp and Facebook. SMS and free MBS are enough for one day’s use. The following are the Zong Daily SMS Package details and Zong SMS check codes.

Zong Daily SMS Packages

Package NameDetail
Zong Zulu SMS BundleRs 4Detail
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs 7Detail
Zong Full Gup PackageRs 5Detail
Zong Sixer Plus PackageRs 8Detail
Zong Flutter PackageRs 12Detail
Zong Perfect PackageRs 12Detail
Zong Hello 1 DinRs 13Detail
Zong Shandar Daily PackageRs 17Detail

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong Weekly SMS Package offers many weekly packages for its subscribers. Weekly SMS Packages for those users who are SMS lovers and want to connect with their friends and family members. There are hundreds of SMS available in these bundles that fulfill the weekly SMS requirement of the users. Zong Weekly SMS Package is affordable for all communities of the people. The majority of our youth love to get low-price SMS pkg plans to continue chit-chatting with friends and family.  Weekly plans contain several packages that can fulfill youth requirements. Weekly and monthly package plans are suitable for businessmen because they have to use a low way of communication to connect with their customers. following is the detail of all Zong Weekly SMS Packages with full detail.

Zong SMS Package Weekly 2021 Code

Below we have arranged the list of Zong SMS pkg codes. Each bundle contains enough SMS that can be used for one week without any break. The price of packages is affordable that attracts users. Weekly SMS package plans are suitable for those who want enough amount of SMS without any break.

Zong SMS Package Weekly 2021 Code

Package NameDetail
Zong Weekly SMS BundleRs 32Detail
Zong Shandar Weekly PackageRs 120Detail
Lahore Super OfferRs 120Detail
Zong Shandar Haftawar OfferRs 120Detail
Zong Apna Shehr Plus Chiniot Rs 150Detail
Zong Malakand OfferRs 160Detail
Zong Haftawar Punjab OfferRs 160Detail
Zong Kashmore Plus OfferRs 200Detail
Weekly AIORs 200Detail
Zong Karachi OfferRs 250Detail
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs 270Detail
Zong Weekly HLORs 340Detail
Zong Weekly PRORs 399Detail

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Zong SMS Pkg provides unlimited SMS Bundles. Some subscribers are SMS lovers they use SMS to continue sly to connect with their loved ones. Monthly SMS Packages are low in price as compared to Zong Daily SMS Package, and Zong Weekly SMS Package, and can subscribe without any hurdle. User SMS lovers should subscribe to the Monthly SMS Package. After getting this package user will be tension-free for one full month. The following are the Zong Monthly SMS Packages with full descriptions and activation codes.

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Monthly SMS package plans are good enough for a complete month. Business promotors like the monthly package to keep connected with their customers. Monthly Social Bundle contains SMS + free MBS to serve social platforms.

Zong Telecom is working hard in both field’s customer and technology. Providing valued services to up to 45 million people nationwide is a big achievement of Zong. A big goal is not a cup of tea for that sacrifice so Zong offers affordable package plans and valued services for reaching this milestone.

Zong designed its package plans for touching each community in three main streams. Now users can enjoy package plans with the validity of daily, weekly, and monthly expiry.

Daily package plans attract mostly nonfrequent users. Zong Shandar’s daily package plan contains all those features that users find for one day. Shandar Daily package plan contains 500 SMS, Calling minutes 10000, and 50 MB of internet data for browsing the internet for only rupees 8. The expiry period is one day.

Not only one day package plans attractive and suitable weekly and monthly package plans are also affordable and admired by the majority of users. Zong Shandar Weekly Package plan contains 500 SMS, 500 calling minutes on the same network, 500 MBS for the internet, and 40 off-net calling minutes. The price of the package is 90 rupees.

Regular and professional users like monthly package plans. To avoid subscriptions and limits monthly package plans are best. Zong Shandar’s monthly package is the best example of a Monthly package that contains 1000 SMS, 100 off-net minutes, 1000 on-net minutes, and 1000 MBS for serving the internet. The price of the Shandar Monthly Package Plan is 300 rupees only. 

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Package NameDetail
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs 75Detail
Zong Monthly WhatsApp PlusRs 160Detail
Zong Monthly Socialess 240Detail
Zong Shandar Monthly PackageRs 300Detail
Zong Shandar Mahana OfferRs 300Detail
Star  Pre Load Monthly Power Pack 500Rs 500Detail
Mahana Punjab OfferRs 575Detail
Zong Monthly Powe Pack 500Rs 500Detail
Zong Monthly Super CardRs 699Detail
Zong Supreme PackageRs 1000Detail
Zong Monthly Powe Pack 1000Rs 1000Detail
Zong Monthly Pro PlusRs 1249Detail
Zong Supreme Plus PackageRs 1732Detail

Zong Other SMS Packages

Zong 3 Month Bundle is specially designed for a businessman who uses SMS bundles for promoting their business products. They always need SMS to connect with their customers. Zong SMS Packages provides some other benefits to its users who subscribe to the 3-Month SMS Bundle. A 3-month bundle does not only contain SMS, Call, and internet data also provided. The following is the Zong SMS Pkg code.

Zong is an old company now that has been serving customers to provide 2G, and 3G networks all over the country. Recently the company was launched a 4G network and ready to succeed in 5G service. The company was also awarded the 1 operator in voice and data by the PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority).

Maximum working for providing the latest technology now 4G networks have reached up to 100 cities in Pakistan. Zong Network is going to spread day by day. People can fulfill their dreams through Zong Telecom Pakistan through its valued services and technology. To fulfill all user requirements Zong designed package plans for the daily, weekly, and monthly duration. Apart from this, there are some package plans whose expiry period is 3 days and 15 days.

A very famous and user-friendly package plan for SMS is 15 day package. This package contains 500 SMS valid for any network with 15 days validity for just in 50 rupees plus tax.  Offer can be subscribed by sending SUB to 700. If the user doesn’t need more just send UNSUB to 700.

The reason for designing a number of package plans is to fulfill user requirements. For social lovers, Zong offers a Monthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle. This offer contains 500 SMS and 30MBs for using WhatsApp each day.  If we talk about the price that is 50 plus tax only. The offer will expire after 30 days automatically. The activation code is *705# to avail of the package. 

Package NameDetail
Zong SIM Lagao OfferRs 0Detail
Zong Sindh OfferRs 250Detail
Zong 3 Month Power Pack 1500Rs 1500Detail


Zong Telecom’s head office is located in Islamabad. There are several package plans of voice and data for the ease of users.2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G services are going to launch by Zong. Zong Actually Chinese company which started operations in Pakistan with the help of Millicom International. Like other package plans, Zong SMS package plans are divided into 3 categories daily, weekly, and monthly.

SMS is an easy way to contact anyone. This is also the best source of marketing. Zong SMS and Whatsapp package contain thousands of SMS and enough amount of MBS on a daily basis. 

Why Zong SMS Packages

SMS is the best way to connect with loved ones at a cheap price. Before that, the way of communication was very difficult. The journey of the cellular company makes communication easy but the voice is a costly practice as compared to SMS

After spending a long time on voice cellular companies introduce communication via chat. That is very easy and cheap. In our country, there are 4 giants that are providing their telecom services regularly. Zong is number one among others because of its big area coverage and cheap package plans. Zong package plans are available in three main streams that are daily, weekly, and monthly. On this page, you will find the complete list of all Zong SMS Package plans in detail. 

Zong Shandar Daily Package

Zong Shandar Daily Package is the choice of those who want non-stop SMS for one day. The activation of this package can give 800 SMS along with Unlimited phone calls on the same network. Also 50 MB of internet data for one day. The price of the package is 14 rupees. 

Zong Perfect Package

Zong Perfect Packages falls in daily package plans. the activation of the package contains 500 SMS along with 10000 Calling minutes from Zong to Zong. 40 MB of Internet data is also part of this package. The price of the Zong Perfect package is 12 rupees. 

Zong Weekly SMS Bundle

Zong weekly SMS bundle is the best fit for those who want a weekly package plan without any daily subscription. The weekly SMS bundle contains 1500 SMS with 200 MBS internet data. The price of the package is 21 rupees. 

Zong Shandar Weekly Package

Zong Shandar Weekly Package is a known weekly package plan that offers 500 SMS also 500 calling minutes. 40 off-net minutes and 500 MBS for the internet. The price of the package is 120 rupees. 

Zong Shandar Monthly Package

Monthly package plans are subscribed to by professionals who want unlimited services for unlimited time. Zong Shandar monthly Package contains 1000 SMS plus 1000 Calling minutes from Zong to Zong network. 100 off-net minutes and 1000 MBS. The price of the Zong Shandar Monthly Package is 300 rupees. 

Zong Monthly Package

Zong is a leading telecom company in Pakistan offering Zong Monthly Package plans for its users. Zong Shandar Monthly Package is one of the best package plans with a price of 300 rupees. You can find the details of other Zong monthly package plans above with detail. 

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package

Zong has offered a social package for connecting with social app lover friends like Facebook, IMO, WhatsApp, etc. Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package can be available for 50 Rupees plus tax. The expiry of this package is 30 days after the subscription of the package.  

Zong SMS Package 15 days

Zong SMS Package 15 days offer unlimited SMS on all networks. The price of this package is 149 plus tax. The validity of the package is 15 days. 1000 SMS can be sent in one day for 15 days. Advance income tax and sales tax will also apply. 

Sixer Zong Plus Package

Sixer Zong Plus Packages belong to the daily package plan category. This package offers Unlimited calling minutes for Zong to Zong.1 MB internet and 500 SMS for all networks. The validity of package plans is one day. Only valid between (6 am to 6 pm). The price of the package is 8 rupees plus tax. 

Perfect Bundle

perfect Bundle fit for those who want Unlimited calling minutes for one day.  10000 Calling minutes are provided to the subscriber along with 40 MB of internet data. 500 SMS allows for all networks. Calling minutes are valid between 10 Pm to 7 Pm. 

Zong Flutter Package

Zong Flutter Package allows 120 calling minutes on the same network with one-day validity. Also, 500 SMS and 30 MB of WhatsApp are included. The price of the Zong Flutter Package is 12 rupees plus tax. The subscription code of the Zong Flutter Package is *700#.

Zong SMS Check Code

Check Remaning Zong SMS dial: *102*2#.

Check Remaning Zong Minutes Dial: *102*3#.

Check Remaning Zong MBS Dial: *102*4#.

Important Key Points of Zong SMS Packages

For general inquiry dial 310.

For a balance check dial *222#.

Use the Zong App for a closer look at all packages and Zong services.

Withholding tax 12.5 will apply.

Zong has the right to change any package plan.

Without biometrics, you cannot use your SIM.

The standard price of consuming one MB is 2 rupees.

All terms and conditions will apply.

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Q: How can I get the Zong SMS package?

Ans: A very simple and easy process of the Zong SMS package plan is to dial *700# or SMS “Sub” to 700. Choose your desired package from the list.

Q: What is the message package of Zong?

Ans: Zong offers a number of package plans that can be divided into three categories. Daily SMS package plans, Weekly SMS package plans, and monthly SMS package plans. A complete list with detail is mentioned above. Scroll up and find your desired package plan. 

Q: How to check Zong’s free minutes and SMS?

Ans: There are several ways to check the remaining SMS and minutes. An easy and simple way to install Zong app from the play store. Or specific code that is given with each package plan can be dialed for getting status info regarding the current package plan. 

Q: How unsubscribe from Zong’s monthly WhatsApp package?

Ans: Monthly WhatsApp package can be unsubscribed by dialing *247#.

Q: Is Zong to Zong free?

Ans: There are many Zong package plans that contain free Zong to-Zong calling minutes. Zong package plans can be checked above.

Q: How can I subscribe Zong Monthly Package?

Ans: Zong packages divide into three portions that are daily, weekly, and monthly. Monthly SMS Package plans are described above in detail.

Q: How can I activate Zong 25GB?

Ans: Zong 25GB can be activated by dialing *220#.

Q: How can I get free MB on Zong?

Ans: Free MBS offer when activating the new Zong SIM. The full procedure can be checked above.

Q: How can I send free SMS?

Ans: There are several Zong packages that offer free SMS. Scroll up and go to the detail of each package.

Q: How Can I get free SMS on Zong?

Ans: Zong package plan contain free SMS that can be checked by visiting the above-described package plans.