Ufone SMS packages

Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly In 2023

Ufone is a big telecom operator in Pakistan, providing its services from 2001 to still now. Ufone Is a popular operator due to its affordable and attractive package plans. This company is offering Call packages, SMS packages, and fast-speed internet packages to its respected customers. There are millions of users connected with Ufone. 

The Covering area of the Ufone is up to 10,000 locations. Ufone is also covers many tribal areas where other telecom operators are not working until now. Ufone is a pure brand of PTCL that is owned by Pakistan. Later on, PTCL was sold to Etisalat company. Ufone is the choice of all those people who want to get packages at a low price and stay connected with their families and friends. In this article, 

We will discuss the Ufone SMS Packages. The most likely and common SMS packages are the Ufone Daily SMS package which offers 1500 SMS for a one-day duration. If you want to subscribe to this package simply send an SMS to 605. You will be charged 3.99 rupees plus tax. Ufone youth daily SMS Package is one of the best daily SMS bundles that provides enough SMS for one day. 600 SMS is given for a validity of 24 hours. 

This offer can be activated by sending an SMS “sub” to 612. Rupee 1.99 plus tax will be charged for this package. Ufone’s daily on-net package is also a daily SMS package plan that offers 500 SMS,  these SMS is valid for the Ufone network and expire after 24 hours. This offer can also subscribe by sending a “SUB” SMS to 611. The price is very low just 2 rupees plus tax will be charged. The following is the Daily Ufone SMS Package code.

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Ufone started its operation in Pakistan in 2001. In a short time, Ufone earned a good name. Ufone started providing valued services and also provide its network availability in maximum areas where other networks failed to reach. People starting moved to Ufone Telecom due to reliable internet package plans, and affordable voice, and SMS bundles. 

People who need low-price package plans with maximum area coverage can join the Ufone network. We have arranged this page for the Ufone SMS package plans. SMS package plans are divided into three portions: daily, weekly, and monthly. 

The Ufone Daily SMS package can be subscribed for 4 rupees with one-day expiry. This package contains 1500 SMS. Send SUB to 605 for activating the daily SMS package. Terms and conditions will apply to all users. Ufone on-net SMS package plans contain 500 SMS. The package will expire after 24 hours. The price of this package is 2 rupees. Below is the arranged list of Ufone Daily SMS Package plans. Select your desired package and click on the detail button for a complete view. 

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

Package NameDetail
Ufone Daily SMS PackageRs 4.77Detail
Ufone Daily Chat PackageRs 6Detail
Ufone Power Card RS 30Rs 30Detail

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone is well known due to its low-price package plans. These package plans can be Calling, SMS, or internet buckets. Ufone contains a big list of weekly SMS packages each package contains different SMS numbers and other advantages that suit different customers. SMS lovers also try to find low-price packages that only Ufone provides. 

Here we will discuss the weekly SMS packages, these packages are only for prepaid customers. Users who need non-stop SMS for daily purposes, always try to activate long-duration packages like weekly or monthly package plans. Weekly package plans provide enough SMS that can be easily used for one week. Ufone Weekly SMS Package provides 1250 SMS that is valid for one week only for 11.95 rupees plus tax. The duration of this package is 7 days.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

 If you read all package details one by one, then you will come to know each package is available at a low price with other advantages that attract all new customers to join Ufone quickly. Here is the list of all Ufone Weekly SMS Packages in full detail.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Package NameDetail
Ufone Naya SIM OfferRs 0Detail
Ufone Weekly SMS PackageRs 11.95Detail
Ufone Asli Chapar Phar OfferRs 140Detail
Ufone UPower Card RS 260Rs 250Detail
Ufone Sub Se Bari OfferRs 320Detail
Ufone Sub Se Bari Offer PlusRs 350Detail

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Ufone has been slowly grabbing the market with its best services and network coverage strategies. People were starting to build trust with Ufone because Ufone cares about its customers and solves their problems in a short time. Initially, people were not used to mobiles and everyone has mind mobile packages are very costly. 

Ufone gives the trend of low-price packages to grab customers. They have been introducing several different packages for the ease of the users. Ufone has been moving to the next technologies for making their system always advanced. Still, Ufone is providing a variety of packages. 

Ufone Monthly SMS package is the need of those customers who connect with their families and friends via SMS. Just subscribe Ufone Monthly SMS Package one time a month and forget to reactivate it for the entire month. Ufone is offering daily, weekly, monthly, and 45-day of SMS package plans at a low price. Here you will find the complete detail of each package. 

Ufone’s monthly unlimited package is the monthly SMS bucket that provides 20,000 SMS for one month. This package contains a huge amount of SMS that cannot be finished in one month easily. The price of this bucket is 80 rupees plus tax. Now you need the activation code of this bundle, just send SMS SUB to 607 and avail of this offer. Following is the complete list of Ufone Monthly SMS package plans.

Ufone Monthly SMS packages

Package NameDetail
Ufone Sim Lago OfferRs 0Detail
Ufone Monthly SMS PackageRs 95.6Detail
Ufone Super Card PlusRs 720Detail
Ufone Super Card MaxRs 749Detail
Ufone Super Card GoldRs 1099Detail
Ufone UFamilyRs 1999Detail

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone is familiar with its package plans that attract each kind of community and the main reason is low-budget packages. We can discuss any package because each package contains advantages. If we talk about fortnightly SMS packages, this package provides 10,000 SMS valid for all networks all over the country. 

The price of this package is manageable that is only 30 rupees plus tax. Now we tell you the duration of this package which is 14 days after the subscription of this package. And SMS can send any time between this duration without any time restriction. The activation code is SUB which can be submitted via SMS to 603 and activate this package. If customers need more SMS for their business or for any other purpose then 45 days package is also available. 30,000 SMS can be avail from this package. This package can be subscribed to by sending a SUB SMS to 614.

You will be charged 99 rupees plus tax. As per our research, no network is providing yearly SMS package plans instead of Ufone. This network is offering a Yearly SMS Package that most businessmen use to promote their products using different strategies via SMS. 

They keep connecting themselves with the customers by sending routine messages Users will get an unlimited message that can be used for one year on any network that is operating in Pakistan. This package can be available by sending a SUB message to 601. 

The price of this package is 666 RS. This package can be unsubscribed by sending a message UNSUB to 506. We have discussed many prepaid packages, and Ufone is offering packages also for postpaid customers. Postpaid users can avail of 10,000 SMS for 1 month just by sending a SUB message to 610. If users don’t need more of this package just send the UNSUB message to 8610. The price is too low just 15 rupees plus tax. Following is the list of Ufone SMS Packages.

Ufone SMS Packages

Package NameDetail
Ufone Nayi SIM Double OfferRs 0Detail
Ufone Power HourRs 8.2Detail
Ufone 2 In-1 SMS OfferRs 9.99Detail
Ufone 14-Day SMS PackageRs 39.33Detail
Ufone Fortnightly SMS PackageRs 39.33Detail
Ufone Super Recharge OfferRs 70Detail
Ufone 45 Days SMS BucketRs 118.31Detail
Ufone Super Mini CardRs 349Detail
Ufone Yearly SMS PackageRs 795.87Detail

Ufone is always trying to care for users we can assess the attitude of the Ufone company. Without package plans, the price of the SMS is high and cannot be afforded if you are a frequent SMS sender. For solving this problem Ufone provides the number of packages divided based on Daily, Weekly, and monthly duration. 

A user just has to observe which package fulfills the requirements. The price of SMS package plans starts from 1 RS to 666 Rs. Ufone Daily on-net package provides 500 SMS. The duration of this package is only 1 day. This package can be available in rupee 2 only. Ufone Weekly SMS package is the weekly SMS bundle. A user will receive 1250 SMS for the next 7 days. The price of this package is 11.95 plus tax. Ufone Asli Chapar Phar Offer is another supreme offer of Ufone Telecom. Actually, this package is a complete weekly plan that gives 100 SMS and 100 Calling minutes. The big advantage user will also avail of 1000 MB that can be used for browsing the internet data. The price of this package is only 80 RS. 

Ufone On-Net SMS Package

Ufone brings a plethora of package plans catering to diverse communities, ensuring everyone can stay connected with their loved ones without worry. Gone are the days when sending a text message was costly; now, with Ufone SMS packages, you can easily afford to stay in touch. Designed to cater to various needs, Ufone offers daily, weekly, and monthly package plans, each tailored to specific requirements. Users have the freedom to choose the plan that suits them best, and with the range of Ufone internet packages available, the data in each plan varies, giving you flexibility in your selection. Whether you need unlimited messages, faster 3G or 4G internet, prepaid or postpaid options, or even dedicated social media packages, Ufone has the perfect package for you!

Ufone Power Hour

Ufone power hour is one of the famous and popular package plans that contains 60 Ufone to Ufone on-net minutes, 60 SMS, and 60 MB of internet data for browsing the internet. Ufone Super recharge package contains hybrid data using that maximum call, SMS, and MBS can be used. Apart from package plans, Ufone offers cards that are enough for one month. The price of these recharge cards is 570, 599, and 999 respectively. Ufone monthly package plans have thousands of SMS for a month duration. Taxes are included in package plans.  

Ufone SMS Packages 15 Days

Apart from daily, weekly, and monthly Ufone SMS packages, Ufone is offering 15-day SMS package plans. This amazing “Ufone SMS Package 15 days” contains 10500 SMS. The price of this package is 39.33. keep in mind the price of the package and condition can change at any time by Ufone. The expiry period of this package is 15 days. For activating this package send SUB to 603.

Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package

Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package is the best fit for those who want a package plan for up to a week. They can avail of 14 days of this package for sending thousands of text messages to all networks. The price of this package is 39.33 rupees plus tax. the activation of a package by sending a sub to 603 via text message is possible. After 14 days the package will expire automatically. 

Ufone Msg Pkgs

Ufone is offering several different time duration depending on the packages. Each time duration like daily, weekly, and monthly contains several other package plans. if you are interested to get the detail of the Ufone msg pkg please scroll up the page and visit all package plans one by one. 

Ufone Packages

Ufone packages are designed for the ease of the users. Ufone is offering to call minutes, SMS, and MBS with different time duration. Each Ufone package is designed to target a specific community. a useful and affordable package plan list is described above in detail 

Terms And Condition

  • Packages are only for prepaid customers.
  • All tax inclusive
  • The package activates automatically after expiry.
  • Dial the activation code for getting the package.
  • After finishing the SMS limit within time Ufone charges the standard SMS rate. 


Q: How can I subscribe Ufone SMS Package?

Ans: Go to your message and write a sub and send a message on the code of the package that you want to subscribe to. All package codes are mentioned above with other detail. 

Q: How can I subscribe to Ufone 15 days SMS package?

Ans: Send sub to 603 for a 15-day SMS package plan. THE remaining SMS can be checked by sending a blank message on 606. All terms and conditions will apply. 

Q: How can I get free SMS from Ufone?

Ans: Free SMS can be availed on an old Ufone SIM by dialing *234#. 

Q: How can I check my Ufone Monthly SMS package?

Ans: The remaining SMS and status can be checked by sending a blank SMS to 606. You will receive a message of the remaining MBS and the expiry date of the package in your inbox.

Q: How can I subscribe monthly Whatsapp package?

Ans:  Monthly WhatsApp package can be availed by dialing *5858#. Other WhatsApp package plans can be checked above.

Q: What is Ufone Super Sasta Package?

Ans: Super Sasta package can be availed by dialing *5678#. The list of Ufone SMS Pkg codes is described above. All terms and conditions will apply.

Q: What is the Ufone SMS Package?

Ans: Ufone SMS Packages are designed for texting or chatting with friends and family. Complete detail of all SMS package plans with code is described above.