Zong Call Packages


If we talk about the best call rates and SMS Packages at an affordable price then Zong will be the number one telecom operator in Pakistan. Zong provides affordable package plans to its valued customers. Each user requires Call PackagesInternet Packages, and SMS packages at affordable prices that can be expected from Zong. Here we will discuss the Zong call packages in full detail. Zong Call Packages are available on a low budget as compared to its competitor companies’ package plans. If you want call packages then you should scroll down the complete Zong call packages list that we will present below. This list contains all category package plans detail like Zong Daily Call PackageZong Weekly Call Package, and Zong Monthly Call Package.

Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong always gives you results up to your expectation offering a maximum number of minutes to stay connected with your friends and family. Zong Daily Call Packages contains a number of different package plans that vary in price and limit. All Package plans provide enough daily minutes that fulfill the daily call minutes requirement. The daily call package is suitable for those who are not frequently making a call. They just need to call minutes for a specific time. Zong Daily Call Package provides calling minutes at different hours for the ease of users. Just read all Daily Package Plans carefully and select anyone that meets your desired hours. Following is the complete Zong Daily Call Package list in full detail. Zong’s one-day call package some time not suitable for short time usage. So Zong Call packages are offering some short-duration call packages. A short-time call package is a surprise for those users who want to use calling minutes just for a few hours. There is another big advantage of these short packages, they contain social bundles to stay connected with friends and families. Social bundles are the need of every person. Subscribe to daily package plans and enjoy calling minutes as well as social bundles.

Zong Daily Call Packages

Package NameDetail
Zong Student Bundle OfferRs 5Detail
Zong Full Gup PackageRs 5Detail
Zong Daily Voice OfferRs 5Detail
Zong Sixer Plus PackageRs 8Detail
Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop PackageRs 9Detail
Zong Non-Stop PackageRs 10Detail
Zong Flutter PackageRs 12Detail
Zong Perfect PackageRs 12Detail
Zong Hello 1 DinRs 13Detail
Zong Shandar Daily PackageRs 17Detail

Zong Weekly Call Packages

Zong Weekly Call Package attracts subscribers who want to talk with their friends and family for a long time. Zong is offering different packages that meet the requirements of all subscribers. There are some weekly social bundles that remain active for one full week and can be used without expiry tension. Zong Weekly Calling offers a number of packages that vary on payment and time limit. The following are the Zong weekly call package with detail.

Zong weekly call package 

Package NameDetail
Zong New SIM OfferRs 0Detail
Zong 4G SIM Upgrade OfferRs 0Detail
Zong Apna Shehr SehwanRs 80Detail
Zong Apna Shehr SangharRs 90Detail
Zong Apna Shehr FarooqAbadRs 90Detail
Zong Apna shehr HasilPurRs 90Detail
Zong Apna Shehr QambarRs 100Detail
Zong Apna Shehr ThulRs 100Detail
Lahore Super OfferRs 120Detail
Zong Shandar Haftawar OfferRs 120Detail
Zong Apna Shehr Plus ChiniotRs 150Detail
Zong Malakand OfferRs 160Detail
Zong Haftawar Punjab OfferRs 160Detail
Zong Kashmore Plus OfferRs 200Detail
Weekly AIORs 220Detail
Zong All-in-One Bundle (Weekly)Rs 200Detail
Zong Punjab OfferRs 230Detail
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs 270Detail
Zong Karachi OfferRs 250Detail
Zong Weekly HLORs 340Detail
Zong Weekly Super PremiumRs 385Detail
Zong Weekly PRORs 399Detail

Zong Monthly Call Packages

Each company contains different kinds of users whose requirements are different from each other. Users who want to use calling minutes every day can use the Zong monthly call package. There are several advantages of the Zong monthly call package the main advantage is that the user doesn’t need to subscribe package again and again. Zong’s monthly call package offers several packages that meet the requirements of users. Following is the list of Zong call packages. Zong has designed another package plan that is “Power Pack Sim”. These power pack sims provide some extra calling minutes and internet data.

Zong monthly call package

Package NameDetail
Zong Monthly SocialRs 240Detail
Zong Shandar Monthly PackageRs 300Detail
Zong Shandar Mahana OfferRs 305Detail
Star Pre Load Monthly Power Pack SIM 500Rs 500Detail
Mahana Punjab OfferRs 575Detail
Monthly SupremeRs 999Detail
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs 500Detail
Zong Monthly Super CardRs 699Detail
Zong Supreme OfferRs 1000Detail
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs 1000Detail
Zong Monthly PRO PlusRs 1249Detail
Zong Monthly Super OfferRs 1299Detail
Zong Supreme Plus PackageRs 1732Detail

Zong Other Call Packages

Apart from longtime Zong calling minutes provide calling minutes for a full month or week. All the above-mentioned packages provide thousands and hundreds of minutes that are not useful for all customers. Some customers only need a short time calling time and a cheap rate. Zong call Packages are offering calling minutes per second at cheap rates.qw

Package NameDetail
Zong SIM Lagao OfferRs 0Detail
Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop PackageRs 12Detail
Zong Combo PackRs 200Detail
Zong Sindh OfferRs 250Detail
Zong 3 Month Power Pack 1500Rs 1000Detail


Telecommunication is a need of the current world. Four big telecom companies are providing their services in Pakistan. Each telecom company is offering different calling packages to its customers. Call packages are used for getting extra minutes at a low price. Telecom companies had designed hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly package plans. We can find many package plans in each classification. MobilePackages is the best platform that keeps you updated with the package plans of telecom companies in an easy way.

Zong Daily Call packages

As earlier mentioned telecom companies are offering hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly package plans so here you can find the Zong Daily call packages. As its name shows daily call package expires after 24 hours. Unlimited calling minutes can be enjoyed the amount of calling minutes is mentioned in each package plan detail. Frequent mobile caller becomes satisfied with the long list of package plans. Zong daily call package is also suitable for those who want to make a call for a specific day or monthly package that has expired and want to connect with loved ones. Scroll to the page and check all Zong Daily Call Packages in detail.   

Daily Shandar Offer

This package plan is the part of Zong Daily call package. Daily Shandar offers allow you unlimited calling minutes from Zong to Zong for one day. Also, 800 SMS and 50 MB are given for browsing the internet. The price of this package is 13 rupees. The activation code is *999#.

Daily Unlimited Offer

Unlimited calling minutes are allowed for one day after the subscription to this package. This is an amazing call package with a one-day duration. The price is 14 rupees and the activation code is *522#.

Zong Short Day Call Package

Like a one-day call package, Zong is offering a short-day call package that expires the same day. Short-day call packages are not offered by other telecom companies. These packages are like a surprise because you can connect with your friends and family at a low price for a limited time period. Social data is given as a bonus with short-day package plans that attract more customers.

Non-Stop Offer

Unlimited calling minutes with 1 MB of data are given by this offer. This offer is valid between 7 PM to 10 PM. The price is 10 plus tax. The activation is *777#. You can unsub this offer by sending a message unsub to 7141. 

Zong Call Packages 2021

Zong is a top cellular company in Pakistan. All affordable call package plans can be seen on the Zong calling list that we have described above in detail. The company has divided its package plans into three main categories, which are Daily, weekly and monthly. Zong has designed a number of package plans for prepaid and postpaid customers. regular and business mans use monthly package plans because Zong provides on-net and off-net enough minutes. 



Q: How Can I make a free Zong to Zong Call?

Ans: A very easy way of making a free call is to dial 908 and select your one number for making a call for the next 24 hours. Also SMS “Sub free” to 908.

Q: How can I get free Zong internet minutes?

Ans: Spending 300/100 Zong free minutes you get 10 free internet minutes, 1 GB of internet Data, and 1000 SMS.

Q: How can I activate the Zong Weekly Package?

Ans: There are several weekly packages above mentioned. Mega weekly internet package can be activated by dialing *6464# which contains 4GB of internet data. The price of this package i 160 + Tax. 

Q: Which Zong Package is best?

Ans: Zong is offering a number of package plans that are based on different time duration for the ease of the users. Now in this guide, we have arranged all package plans in detail. Select the best package plan from the above-mentioned list that suits your communication needs. 

Q: Is Zong to Zong free?

Ans: Zong is offering different package plans that contain free Zong-to-Zong calls. Scroll up and check package plans one by one for free offers. 

Q: What is Zong Combo pack?

Ans: The combo pack of Zong Telecom offers a mixture of calls, SMS, and internet data. It is suitable for those who want a complete package that contains all communication features.